Friday, February 03, 2006


Computer Painting Art Gallery I
Computer Painting Art Gallery II

COMPUTER PAINTING (Painting by Computer): mouse as brush.

The discovery of a new style of art which mixes computer textures and turns them into high plasticity pictures, turned Bezerra Neto – who also has great knowledge of the art of photography – into a plastic painter. He uses technology and tools of a graphical program to compose beautiful landscapes of the Northeast of Brazil. “An old photo can be used as inspiration – just an image – and gain new meaning, a new dress, so to say, with lively colors and interesting tones. Since I am a photographer, I take a picture of a place, an exotic figure, a church, a building in ruins, a warrior from a folklore enacted, a window, rafts, a garden, a piece of wall and all I have to do is transfer the material onto the screen of my monitor, observe all the small details and imagine what I want on top of that. My mouse is my brush; with it I build up the subject and create my art. The impression in digital plotters, also known as giclée and ink jet printers on special high resolution screen, gives new light, enriching it, and offers excelent results. I believe this is the art of the future. What happened to typewriters can happen here - the mouse little by little substituting the brushes.”